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Services Provide Total Security System, Home Automation Services & Electrical Services such as Basic Alarm System, CCTV System, Outdoor Motion Sensor, Auto Gate System, SMATV Point, Intelligent lighting Control & Electrical

1. Our Service package c/w Free of Charge as Built Drawing

2. CCTV system

3. WIFI system

4. Audio Visual System

5. Auto Gate System, Door Access

6. Power Surge Protector

7. Outdoor Motion Sensor System

8. Smart Lighting Control Solution

9. Additional Electrical Point

10. Additional Alarm Sensor Point

11. Provide as- built drawing for future reference

12. Sales & Maintenance Computer, Printer and Network

13. Fire Protection system


A-1-17 Phoenix Business Centre
Jalan 2/142A km 10,
56000 Kuala Lumpur.


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 ADVANCED-TECH (M) SDN BHD 757908-K No. A-1-17 Phoenix Business Centre
Jalan 2/142A Km 10 Cheras 
56000uala Lumpur Malaysia
Tel : (603) 9100 2539 Fax : (603) 9105 6014.
Email :  Web :
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Profile Company Advanced-Tech (M) Sdn Bhd

A group of young and talented people have established ADVANCED-TECH (M) SDN
BHD. in 29 December 2006, consisting of highly competent IT professional with over 5
years of experiences in IT, telecommunications, structure cabling, system application,
operating system, hardware and audio visual equipments. After a year operating as an
enterprise company, more technical staffs with IT background joined ADVANCED-TECH
(M) SDN BHD. to improve company business and technical strength. The name
ADVANCED-TECH (M) SDN BHD carries our strong foundation for the company
philosophy, which is based on:-

To provide you with not only a service but a one stop center for all your computer needs
and wants under one roof we ensure our client satisfactions by:-

 Offering  effective and efficient service to our valued clients 
 Ensuring all of our customer’s computer needs are met 
 Prompt delivery 
 Providing the best in computer accessories 
 To ensure safety and protected

We achieve this by being 

Customer relations to a personal level 

We initiate 

Provides prompt delivery

Ensuring the best possible service at all the times 

Satisfying customer’s needs and wants profitably 

 Profile Company Advanced-Tech (M) Sdn Bhd
Registered company name  :  ADVANCED-TECH (M) SDN BHD 
Company address                :  A-1-17, megan phoenix,
                                                Phoenix business centre,
                                                2/142A, KM 10, jln  cheras ,
                                                 Cheras, 56000 Kuala Lumpur.
Phone number                      :  03-91002539
Fax number                          :  03-91056014
Company registration number :  757908K
Date of incorporation           :  29 December 2006
Ministry of finance reg. number :  357-02080641
Bumiputera certificate reg. number :  357-02080641
Paid up capital   : RM100,000.00
Authorized capital   : RM100,000.00
Shareholder   :  Ahmad Bin Abdul Aziz  
                                               Siti Fauziah Binti Masri      
Bank                                     :  Maybank, Cawangan Alam Damai Cheras
Bank account number           : 564856106253
Company Sectary   : Syahrin & Co 
Company Auditor    :  Halim Ahmad & Co 

 Profile Company Advanced-Tech (M) Sdn Bhd

As a certified 100% bumiputera company, and having registered ourselves with the
Ministry of Finance, the company aims to continue its success as well as to surpass
major competitors in providing quality product and services at a competitive price.

Our comprehensive improvement plan, specific to each market, is aimed at bringing the
knowledge and experience of personal at all levels, to the highest level of performance,
yet retaining fundamental corporate values. In dedication to quality and service
conscientious, we are committed to provide a complete and multimedia solution to meet
customer’s requirement.

With the country moving toward an IT literate society, company sees a greater value in
providing a full range of hardware such as personal computer, notebook, server, and
other peripherals.

ADVANCED-TECH (M) SDN. BHD. Also provides “Total Business Solution through
consultancy of a software development and system integration”.

We strive to offer high standards of quality product, engraved with quality services in
order to generate consistency in establishing a harmonious and profitable business
partnership both in government and in private sectors.

 Profile Company Advanced-Tech (M) Sdn Bhd



ADVANCED-TECH (M) SDN.BHD is a locally incorporated bumiputera company.
Formed by a group of professional who have experiences in technical fields have
well known as ADVANCED-TECH.  


1. Market hardware, software and peripherals on dealership, OEM  and
other third party products.

2. Carry out business / services of Local Area Network (LAN), wide Area
Network (WAN), computer services & maintenance, application software
customization and computer training.

3. Supply and trading all type of equipment and hospitalization 

4. Fire protection and CCTV services supply install and deliver 

5. Library services and system 

6. Provide training, full support and after sales services using our own and
third party staff.


ADVANCED-TECH, a quality and service conscious company has committed to
provide a complete business solution and reliable support to meet the total
services requirements of any clients.



ADVANCED-TECH is run by a team of young professional with year’s
experiences in all area department system of Company.

ADVANCED-TECH recruited experienced technical staff with average an of 2 to
10 years experience, to serve different line product form market hardware,
software, networking and other appliances. 

  Profile Company Advanced-Tech (M) Sdn Bhd


ADVANCED-TECH market and support a wide range of product that is leader, in their
own area of specialization in the IT industry. Namely:-


1. Personal Computers, Notebook and Servers

2. Printers, Scanner, Plotter, Digitizer, Backup Hardware, CCTC Camera and


For the networking products, Advanced-Tech markets well known brands
especially on modem, hub, switch, ATM, core switch, remote access server,
router and etc. Advanced-Tech also provides network consultancy on designing
network requirement, configuration on network equipment and network cabling. 


ADVANCED-TECH supplies ink, cartridge and toner for branded printer such as
HP, Canon, Tally, Toshiba, Xerox , Minolta, Printronix, Lexmark, Brother, NEC
and other.

ADVANCED-TECH supplies other consumables such as diskette, CDR, CDRW
media DDS tape drive, filter, Thumbdrive, External storage and other Personal
Computers and Servers component.

 In the ever changing A/V world, advanced-tech offers a comprehensive package
of Equipment and services that guarantees to satisfy the customer. It has the
manpower deliver the engineering design, equipment services for:-
 P/A system
 Teaching / learning aids 
 Teleconferencing system
 Multimedia projection system 
 Electronic and projection

 ADVANCED-TECH has been appointed as a dealer for Novec SEVO system.
 We are provided total flooding fire suppression system.   

 Profile Company Advanced-Tech (M) Sdn Bhd

We are the system integrator for the following ELV & Security services: We are the system
integrator for the following ICT services: 
CCTV System 

Security Surveillance Technologies Wireless/ Mobile Video
Surveillance High Definition Mega-Pixel Camera Outdoor
Perimeter Surveillance 

Card Access System  °
Proximity/MIFARE/ HID Card Access System Barrier Gate &
Turnstile System Biometric Access Control Visitor Management

Smart Home / Alarm  °  Smart Home/ Alarm System 
System  °  Lighting Control System 
 °  CMS (Central Monitoring System) 
Public Addressable (PA)
System  °  Wide Range PA system up to Digital Matrix System Using Paging
Perimeter Protection  °  Perimeter Fencing/ Photobeam/ Microphonic System 
Distribution System  °  SMATV or Satellite Master Antenna Television 
AV System  °
Digital / Video Conference System Audio / Visual System Stage
Lighting & Curtain System 

Intercom System  °  Audio /Video Intercom System 
Guard Tour System  °  Wireless Guard Tour System 
Key Management System  °  Key Management with Access Control System 

 Profile Company Advanced-Tech (M) Sdn Bhd

 Structured Cabling System  °
Professional Services – Consultancy & Design UTP / Fiber
Cable Installation, Termination & Certified Testing Cable
Support System – Cable Trunking, Ladder & Cable Tray 
Network Solutions  °
Network Design, Consultation & Planning Active Equipment
(Core, Aggregation & Edge Switch) Data Storage &
Disaster Recovery Solution Indoor & Outdoor Wireless
Solution Firewall & IPS Network Bandwidth Management
Anti-Virus Solution Client Server Architecture 
UPS  °  Real-Time & Large Scale UPS for Backup Power Supply 

PABX System  °
°  IP / Digital / Analog PABX System Telephone Cabling 
Data Center Design  °
Data Center Design, Consultation & Planning Precision Air
Condition System Fire Protection & Early Smoke Detection
System Raised / Sunken Floor System Environmental
Management Solution Power Protection & Distribution
System KVM and Rack System 

We also provide the following professional services to customers: We are the authorized
distributor for the following product in Malaysia: 
Consultancy  °  Professional Services – Consultancy & Design 

Maintenance Contract  °  Comprehensive and Non-Comprehensive Maintenance for
On Site and Off-Site Contract 
Training  •  Certified and Non-Certified Training 

 Profile Company Advanced-Tech (M) Sdn Bhd

CCTV System  °  Advantech Surveillance Solution (Sole Distributor) 
CCTV System  °  Sanyo Security (Distributor) 

Smart Home System  °  Advantech Smart Home Solution-UBIQ (Sole Distributor) 

Access control system is mainly to control the accessibility to zones, or door. Getting into each
zones, or doors, would need certain method of user identification. To whom it may allow the door
to be opened, and to whom it may not, in what condition the door will be lock automatically, or
release automatically. This requires a proper management system. 
The types of Access Control Sigmaline offers can also be segregated into two types as below: 
.(a) Stanalone Door Access 
.(b) Singe Door plus Multi function Single Door Access 
.(c) Advance Multi Door Access Control System integrated with Turnstile, Lift and Car Park
.(d) Tie Attendance customization – Web Based and Multi-Sites Implementation 

  Profile Company Advanced-Tech (M) Sdn Bhd

Overview of Integrated Access Control System 
Apart from Access Control Management, the system also provides control features such as Time
and Attendance. The Time and Attendance is able to generate the following: 
. • Overtime reports 
. • Time and attendance record editing 
. • Attendance absentee reason assignment 
. • Transaction data exporter for third party software such as payroll 

CCTV or Closed Circuit Television is usually used where public surveillance is not possible or
24-hour surveillance is required. CCTV is commercially now regarded as a practical solution to
crime prevention. This scenario was hugely driven by availability of the technology, increase of
safety concerns within community, and the reliability of the product. Note that CCTV recording
would be valid evidence for law enforcement. 
We carry a wide range of CCTV Surveillance solutions ranging from conventional cameras with
IR Camera and PTZ (Pan/Tilt/Zoom) up to digital Surveillance System which include Megapixel
Camera, IP Camera, Hybrid DVR and advanced video analysis software for large project
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Overview of Analog & Megapixel Surveillance for Multiple

Available Surveillance Cameras: Smart Home, home of the future is an idea for quite some time
where you have often seen it on TV, movies and even documentaries. Home Automation offers
much more than only fast and reliable Internet connection whereby it could enable homeowners
to gain total control to their own house for various purposes to fit into priorities and needs;
including senior citizens monitoring. 

 Profile Company Advanced-Tech (M) Sdn Bhd

There are three vital components, in a complete home automation living: 
°  Safety and Security System – Safety and security features is mainly about electronic
sensors e.g. light 

sensors  to detect daytime,
driveway  sensors to
detect  arrival of car, fingerprint &
face recognition 
 identification for access control, this includes fire regulation standard fittings. Sensors around
the home 
 can activate floodlights triggered by motion, at night. If a window is broken the alarm sounds,
all lights are 
 activated and security cameras are turned on to track down intruders. 
°  Lighting and Electrical Controls – Control electronic devices and even the breakers on
your electrical 
 panel from telephone. 
°  Home Networking System – Home networking enables all audio, video, data managed in
the way that 
 suits owner needs. 

Overview of Smart Home & Alarm System 

  Profile Company Advanced-Tech (M) Sdn Bhd

In today’s world, security buyers are looking into increased outdoor security solutions and around
their facilities, in addition to video surveillance and electronic card access controls. It has been a
recognized fact that outdoor and perimeter protection is becoming increasingly essential line of
security. The whole idea is to detect intruders as soon as they enter a protected area before
gaining access to people’s valuable assets. 
Various types of product and technology in Perimeter Protection, depending on the needs and
requirements of customers such as: 
. • Dual Technology Outdoor Intrusion Detection System – This system is a high
security dual-technology Infrared / Microwave detection system, especially designed for outdoor
installation, it provides maximum reliability and accuracy with minimum false alarm. 
. • Fiber Optic Intrusion Systems – This system is specially used as a perimeter
fencing system, using fiber intrusion, which is a better way to send security data. 
. • Fiber optic alarm sensor cabling system – This is useful for perimeters such
as pipelines and also to monitor the structural integrity of a building. 

The main basis of having a perimeter protection system is the high quality and reliability in
intruder detection with must-have features such as: 
. • High level of sensitivity 
. • Low level of false alarm rate 
. • Independent of climatic conditions 
. • High electromagnetic and industrial interference immunity 

Overview of Perimeter Protection System 

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Lighting is one of the most significant factors for any home or office environment, as good
lighting enhances features and creates the mood for the right activities. Our team of experts is
able to produce and design stunning lighting schemes with simple user-interface and multiple
scenarios databank to be fine-tuned with easy configuration utility. 
Lighting control system comes with various scenario settings. Just one touch for easy access,
owner is able to enjoy different lighting mode such as “welcome mode”, “good morning mode”,
“video/audio mode” to dim the lights, “dining mode” to bring out the romantic lighting and / or
“away mode” to turn the lights off. 

Lighting Control : Multiple Scenario Configuration 

Overview of Lighting Control System 
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Enhance your meeting with superior audio quality in a well-designed elegant state of the art
styling. The implementation of Digital Conference System nowadays brings both the latest digital
technologies and network techniques into practice. Whether you are planning a small discussion
group or a conference with hundreds of delegates, the implementation of a digital conference
system will enhance your meeting. 
The microphones are available either as a chairman or delegate unit. It is a portable
microcomputer controlled conference unit with loudspeaker and an illuminated microphone
mounted on a semi-goose neck arm. The loudspeaker is automatically switched off when the
microphone is activated. 
An interpreter requires a safe and user friendly interpretation system to minimize the risks of
misinterpretation. Our interpretation systems have been designed to meet the demands of
multilingual interpretation for a wide range of applications, from smaller multilingual meetings to
large-scale international conferences. The system can support up to 64 interpretation channels
including the original floor channel. 
The console furnishes connections for gooseneck microphone, headphone, headset and optional
tabletop loudspeaker. The interpreter set includes intercom function and alarm/speaking too fast
With the advancement in broadband and network technologies, video conference is a common
system nowadays used for communication between corporate offices located in multiple remote
locations. The system allows user to share presentation slides, record conversation in video and
audio format and at the same time communicate ideas effectively through multiple LCD screen
and video cameras. 

Overview of Audio & Video Conference System 

  Profile Company Advanced-Tech (M) Sdn Bhd

An Audio Visual (AV) System can be described as an exhibition, performance or lecture utilizing
communication media directed at both the sense of sight and the sense of hearing. Simply said,
the technology combines visual input such as video or slides with sound to convey information. 
We have an extensive range of in-house audio visual facilities, combined with a team of
experienced technicians, enabling us to provide quality services to suit our client’s requirements;
including preproduction, stage set design, stage lighting design, as well as audio visual

Overview of AV System with Stage Lighting Control 

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A structured cabling system (SCS) is a set of cabling and connectivity products that integrates
the voice, data, video, and various management systems of a building (such as safety alarms,
security access, energy systems, etc.) 
An SCS consists of an open architecture, standardized media and layout, standard connection
interfaces, adherence to national and international standards, and total system design and
installation. Other than the structured cabling system, voice, data, video and building
management systems (BMS) have nothing in common except similar transmission characteristics
(analog or digital data signals) and delivery methods (conduit, cable tray, raceway, etc.) that
supports and protect the cabling investments. 
In Advanced-Tech, we have in house Certified Installers in leading brands such as AMP, Clipsal
and ADC Krone. All wiring works are done and monitored closely by professionals and hence
providing customer warranty from end to end solutions. Apart from passive cabling systems,
Advanced-Tech is also a system integrator and partner of 3COM, which is a leading US Brand
specialized in network solutions and active network equipment. 

Overview of Structured Cabling System 

Network Switches & Solutions 

  Profile Company Advanced-Tech (M) Sdn Bhd

Due to the advancement in digital media, Advanced-Tech is focused on offering a “ready-to-run”
Network Digital Signage Solution, which is also a platform that includes a ‘play box’ and a
powerful content management system. The Solution is so dynamic that it even integrates the
functions of delivering visual messages and advertisement. Its versatile content formats support
video, graphics and scrollable text which can be played simultaneously on one display screen. 
Contents can also be transmitted to multiple ‘playbox’ at different locations via online network.
The embedded Linux System fulfills users’ need for energy saving, low noise, low cost and high
stability, as it not only enables quick start up but provides high prevention of virus attack. 
Some of Digital Signage System key features: 
. • A powerful server management system with user-friendly web-based interface. 
. • Online network function 
. • Define multiple zones 
. • Back-up program 
. • User group management 
. • Simultaneously able to deliver different program settings to respective groups of 
  ‘playbox’ via group setting 

Digital Signage in Various Areas and Application

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Preferred Partners & Value Added Resellers 

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